Spiritual Gifts of Treasures & Finances

Spiritual Gifts of Treasures are promised in all Sacred Writings. This is a vast topic that is beyond the scope of this short article however in the following sections we’ll take a quick journey through some Sacred Writings and discover how our daily financial affairs are affected by spiritual principals.

My Goals & Objectives?

What are my ultimate goals during this lifetime on earth?
Financial freedom and independency, Purchasing a house, Personal & Family happiness, Travel, Spiritual Growth, Collecting and storing Spiritual Gifts …?

Who provides and secures my life necessities?
Do I have to worry about securing food, water, shelter, clothing, and health for myself and my family?

What would I do with my time and resources when I become financially independent?
Travel the world, help others?

Answer to above questions can be found in various Sacred Writings

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” 


Contemplate on the questions below before expanding the answers!

What is the miracle of a flower?
I have reached Financial Freedom. Now what?
What are these Spiritual Gifts & Treasures and how do we mine them?
Tests & Difficulties are Spiritual Gifts too
Development of Material & Spiritual Affairs are essential

Spiritual Aspects of Finances

Our unique character-based curriculum, ABCs of Wealth, delivers financial literacy lesson plans to address spiritual, psychological, emotional, and technical aspects of finances. ABCs of Wealth is built on spiritual principals that are common between all Sacred Writings without attachment to any religious doctrine.

To further explore this topic we invite your to view two video recordings: The Ocean of Thy Presence Part I and The Ocean of Thy Presence Part II.