Our Board of Directors

Dr. Farrokh Mamaghani, Professor of Information Systems, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York

Prior to joining St. John Fisher College, Farrokh was a senior programmer at the Systems Design Concepts, Inc. in Washington DC, and systems analyst at the World Bank. His research interests are in information technology resources evaluation/selection and knowledge management. He holds a MS and DSc in information systems from George Washington University.

Mr. Oladapo Olagbemi,Managing Partner, DAO Financial Services, San Diego California

Oladapo is a veteran CPA with a passion to help people who are particularly in financial distress. Throughout his career, Oladapo has educated many people on how to better prepare their personal and business finances not only for tax purposes but also for the betterment of their family life and community they live in.

Ms. Minou Sadeghi, Co-Founder, Global Business Ventures Inc., San Diego, California

Minou holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and French Language & Literature from Bedford College in London, England. Her past experiences include key management positions in the airline and hospitality industry and accomplishments with Fortune 500 companies. Minou also has a vast knowledge of start up businesses and has been the owner/operator of several successful entrepreneurial ventures. Her passion is to make a difference in the world through the education of children and is committed to undertake this task by ensuring that this is performed through the most ethical and highest standards available.

Mr. Byron Harlan, RICP® , Financial Planner, Royal Alliance Associates, San Diego, California

Byron has over 20 years of experience in news broadcasting and has a passion for bringing awareness to community achievements.

Mrs. Nazila Shokohi, President & Co-founder, Mind Treasures, San Diego, California

Nazila holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from St. John Fisher College (Rochester, NY) and a Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix. Nazila’s vision was to empower millions of people who have drowned themselves in financial troubles to take charge of their lives, improve their relationships and Ride the Financial Waves. Nazila is currently serving as the lead coach and mentor.

Mr. Alex Mazloom, Executive Director & Co-founder, Mind Treasures, San Diego, California

Alex holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nevada Reno. Alex’s experiences in customer relations and finances and his passion for financial management, writing, and philanthropy led to the creation of a character-based financial literacy curriculum called ABCs of Wealth. Alex’s dream is to raise an entrephilanthropic generation that will use its resources to build stronger families, neighborhoods, and communities. Alex’s professional experiences include various positions at International Game Technology in Reno, NV. He also co-founded Rapid Bridge LLC (a revolutionary semiconductor venture) that was acquired by Qualcomm in 2011.

Mrs. Judi Harlon, CFP, Operations Manager, Royal Alliance Associates, San Diego, California

Judi has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry.

Mr. Luke Ervin, CIMA, First Vice President, UBS Financial Services, San Diego, California

JLuke holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He has over 15 years of experience in financial industry and is passionate about education of children.

Mr. Adib Mazloom, External Affairs Officer & Co-Founder Mind Treasures, San Diego, California

Adib is currently enrolled in the Aerospace engineering program at the University of California, San Diego. Character Development and Treasure Box aspects of Mind Treasures’ program were born in Adib’s kindergarten classroom in 2006. He loves science projects and his achievements include two years (2015 & 2017) of first prize winner of Fly Your Ride competition by San Diego Air & Space Museum as well as second place prize for the 2015 Science Fair.

Mr. Bruce Wayne Patterson, Jr., Ambassador, Capital One, San Diego, California

Bruce has been working in the financial industry for the past 11 years and has a passion for financial education and coaching.

Our Advisory Board

Mr. Gene Roeglin, 22-year retired veteran of Costco, San Diego California

Gene started at Price Club as general manager of the central photo lab, 1-hour photo labs and member photo mail program. He then worked as operations director for Quest, the electronic catalog, and later became director over hearing aid centers. He also served as director of community relations, overseeing the organization of the first Costco Scholarship Fund Breakfast and remained an avid supporter of the scholarship program for 10 years. During his time in community relations, Gene was instrumental in redesigning the Volunteer Reading Program, introducing the Supplier Diversity Program, and overseeing the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and United Way campaigns.

Ms. Judith Banks, Child Development Specialist, San Diego, CA

Judith is a 30-year retired veteran of AT&T as an telecommunication engineer. She holds a special passion for education of children in the Diamond Neighborhoods.

Ms. Barrie Owens, Family & Child Advocate and Coach, San Diego, California

Barrie holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Drexel University. She has a strong passion for children and supporting their meaningful educational development.

Ms. Hazel Robinson, Retired Director of Child Development Centers, Spring Valley, California

Hazel holds a Master in Human Shrives from Spring Field College. She has over 20 years of experience in management of Child Development Centers and parent communication.

Ms. Imani Robinson, Youth Activity Leader of SAY SD, San Diego, California

Imani holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from University of Phoenix.

Ms. Rashida Hameed, Founder and Executive Director, Epiphany Women In Focus, San Diego, California

in 1998 Rashida created Epiphany Women In Focus To assist all women in reaching their maximum potential by allowing access to the tools needed for success. Empowering all women with information, education, resources, and referrals needed to obtain successful skills for coping with life, and life’s disappointments.

Our Youth Advisory Board

Mr. Marquis Snowden, Business major, Grossmont College, San Diego, California

Marquis participate in the very first financial literacy program in the Diamond Neighborhoods area of San Diego in 2008. Since then his accomplishments includes fundraising for various school programs and establishing NewComers Investment club for children and youth in his neighborhood.

Mr. Mateen Mazloom, Co-Founder Mind Treasures, San Diego, California

Mateen is currently completing his senior year at Scripps Ranch High School. He has been an integral part of developing a facilitator training for Mind Treasures. He enjoys music and serves the drum major for the Scripps Ranch High School marching band.