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Financial Illiteracy, A Major Global Challenge!

Financial Illiteracy is an obstacle faced by developing or emerging communities as well as advanced societies throughout the world. Lack of financial education is affecting individuals (girls or boys), families, and communities. It slowly starts to affect the local economy and eventually spreads out to the global level. Attainment and development of wealth management principles and skills are essential to growth at all levels.

Our Character-Based ABCs of Wealth Curriculum is approved by the California Department of Education

The full program is available to all at no cost in several different languages. Visit the Free Download page for details.

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Financial Literacy must address Spiritual, Psychological, Emotional, and Technical aspects of Wealth Management

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Financial Literacy must address <span>Spiritual</span>, Psychological, Emotional, and Technical aspects of Wealth Management

Our unique character-based curriculum, ABCs of Wealth, delivers financial literacy lesson plans to address spiritual, psychological, emotional, and technical aspects of finances. The program is popular for its ability to connect and inspire participants of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to take positive financial actions.

What We Do

There are several ways individuals can prepare themselves for conducting the ABCs of Wealth curriculum:
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Financial Literacy, A life-long endeavor

Want to become Money Smart!! Practicing basics of Spending, Sharing, Investing, and Saving is the best way to gain solid financial skills and habits. These are essential elements of personal development that can and should be learned andreinforced throughout life as financial needs grow.

  • The ABCs of Wealth
    The ABCs of Wealth
  • Basic Level
    Basic Level
  • Advanced Level
    Advanced Level
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Free Curriculum Download for Educators

Our full curriculum is available for download and use by educators. Click on the desired level below to view sample lesson plans from each level. More Books Right Arrow