Financial Illiteracy, A Major Global Challenge!

Financial Illiteracy is an obstacle faced by developing or emerging communities as well as advanced societies throughout the world. Lack of financial education is affecting individuals, families, and communities. It slowly starts to affect the local economy and eventually spreads out to the global level. Attainment and development of wealth management principals and skills are essential to growth at all levels. Studies show that personal finance education programs in later ages have very limited affect. Also, it may not fully prepare a young person for later years to face real-life economic decisions like buying a house, understand workplace benefits, investments, or saving for retirement. With a few basic Financial Literacy lessons, it is always possible to be a “best budgeter” irrespective of one’s income level.

We provide Financial Literacy Curriculum as well as in-person and virtual workshops for Children, Youth, Adults, and Families.

Want to become Money Smart!! Practicing basics of Spending, Sharing, Investing, and Saving is the best way to gain solid financial skills and habits. These are essential elements of personal development that can and should be learned and reinforced throughout life as financial needs grow.

Our ABCs of Wealth Curriculum addresses Spiritual, Psychological, Emotional, and Technical aspects of Wealth Management

Our unique character-based curriculum, ABCs of Wealth, delivers financial literacy lesson plans to address spiritual, psychological, emotional, and technical aspects of finances. The program is popular for its ability to connect with students and inspire participants of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to take positive financial action.

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We are pleased to offer our full curriculum FREE of charge. Interactive financial literacy lesson plans and activities can be downloaded and printed. Our full curriculum is also available via Google Classroom. Please visit our Free Download page

What people are saying...

  • “My two boys, Lucas and Graham, truly enjoyed the program, and enthusiastically told me about what they learned each day. For my part, and the part of their father, we are excited that a program such as this exists, and that such important information can be imparted to our kids in such a way as to interest and amuse them. Even Lucas, who previously had a “money grows on trees” kind of mindset, was intrigued and awakened to the realities of money.”

  • “I thought the class would be bigger but the small size actually worked out good. We got all of our questions answered. ”

  • “I did not think it would be a fun class. I was expecting it to be boring and a waste of time. However playing with fake money and learning about interest and stocks was quite fun. Now Im thinking about how I can come up with new inventions and sell them to big companies. I came up with this cool design in the class to combine a phone with a camera, touch screen, & internet access. Too bad that Apple has already come up with the idea (IPhone)! I’m sure I’ll be able to invent something new. I’ll tell my friends about this class”

  • “I thought there would be more kids in the class but I enjoyed being with those that came. I will probably come back next summer again.”

  • “I was quite concerned that this camp would be boring, very boring, very, very boring, or so I thought. I really liked the methods of teaching and will take any future courses. I had mentioned this program to some of my friends before I even knew there was a referral reward.”

  • “By adjusting our family habits, we reduced monthly expenses by 40% and realized our potentials by working together in harmony. While it has been very difficult to stick with the new tight budget, the education we have received through Mind Treasures’ workshops and monthly sessions has enabled us to discover our creativity to find alternative ways. Our teenagers are getting an education that we never received.”