“My two boys, Lucas and Graham, truly enjoyed the program, and enthusiastically told me about what they learned each day. For my part, and the part of their father, we are excited that a program such as this exists, and that such important information can be imparted to our kids in such a way as to interest and amuse them. Even Lucas, who previously had a “money grows on trees” kind of mindset, was intrigued and awakened to the realities of money.”

Carla, Parent, San Diego, CA 

“I thought the class would be bigger but the small size actually worked out good. We got all of our questions answered. ”

Lucas, age 14, San Diego, CA

“I did not think it would be a fun class. I was expecting it to be boring and a waste of time. However playing with fake money and learning about interest and stocks was quite fun. Now Im thinking about how I can come up with new inventions and sell them to big companies. I came up with this cool design in the class to combine a phone with a camera, touch screen, & internet access. Too bad that Apple has already come up with the idea (IPhone)! I’m sure I’ll be able to invent something new. I’ll tell my friends about this class”

Joel, age 11, San Diego, CA

“I thought there would be more kids in the class but I enjoyed being with those that came. I will probably come back next summer again.”

Graham, age 11, San Diego, CA

“I was quite concerned that this camp would be boring, very boring, very, very boring, or so I thought. I really liked the methods of teaching and will take any future courses. I had mentioned this program to some of my friends before I even knew there was a referral reward.”

Sari, age 13, San Diego, CA

“By adjusting our family habits, we reduced monthly expenses by 40% and realized our potentials by working together in harmony. While it has been very difficult to stick with the new tight budget, the education we have received through Mind Treasures’ workshops and monthly sessions has enabled us to discover our creativity to find alternative ways. Our teenagers are getting an education that we never received.”

Parent of three teenager, San Diego, CA

“Before I worked with you, I had no idea what my financial worth was. All I knew was that I was in debt and I wanted to get out of it. Not only did you show my financial worth, which was more than I realized, but you did it through a spiritual lens. Your workshops have taught me the skills to increase my wealth through education and financial intelligence. Knowledge is power – and I have been empowered. Everyone needs this financial education!”

Jennifer, College Gratuate, San Diego, CA

“I would like to express my gratitude for your kindness and for the worthy cause that you have initiated. Financial responsibility and fiscal accountability are qualities which must be taught and embedded in all of us. Injection of such crucial principles at early ages can lead to more socially aware and financially responsible adults. Hats off to you and your endless endeavors. Informing your young clients is truly a reward in it itself. I wish many government officials, administrations and policy makers had known about your program before they signed all the other legislations.”

Hossein, College Professor, Rochester, NY

“I was very impressed by the fact that it includes prioritizing and looking at our values as families, individuals and society as a whole, etc. Not just about money and budgeting. I also appreciate the fact that it is not produced by a bank or investment company. I have been wanting to teach something like this for the last few years and would like to see it in every school. Yes, I have lofty goals. I am very passionate about this subject matter and see too often in my clients too little too late when it comes to money habits.”

Christine, Financial Advisor, Sacramento, CA

“Several years ago, due to circumstances mostly beyond my control, I found myself with a huge amount of debt for one individual. After learning about Mind Treasures, I was smart enough to take one of their courses. I learned many shortcuts about handling credit card debt and reducing interest rates. This month, at last, I have paid off my credit card debt! That feels so good – extremely good. Now I can focus on saving for retirement and doing a few fun things along the way. I would definitely recommend Mind Treasures courses for young and old alike.”

Susan, Sr. Citizen, San Diego, CA

“When the classes started my bank account read Checking: $75 Savings: $2.50. But as of last week when I went to deposit my check it read Checking $456 and savings at $684. My friends can testify that I rarely ever made it between pay periods with any money because I over spend. Mostly because I felt my wants were needs. And for the first time in three years since I got my job I’ve been able to actually save money. Thank you so much for all the knowledge you shared with us.”

Alma, Young Adult, San Diego, CA

“We believe the curriculum of Mind Treasures, in these uncertain times, by combining financial literacy with character development will directly benefit our at-risk youth in San Diego.”

Boys and Girls Foundation, San Diego, CA

“SDG&E is proud to partner with Mind Treasures to support the Neighborhood Literacy program. The San Diego region will need responsible, ethical, diverse, and prepared civic leaders in the future to lead local governments, schools, colleges and universities, faith-based organizations, small businesses, our military, first responders, and companies like SDG&E. SDG&E is committed to fostering the development of these future leaders. We are honored to partner with Mind Treasures, an organization that is on the front line in developing these future leaders for all of San Diego.”

San Diego Gas & Electric, San Diego, CA

“We support the approach that you are taking. We believe that by tying financial literacy to personal values, you open up the conversation to subjects that are both relevant and understandable to people who do not have a background to financial matters. Additionally, by building the material on personal values you form the basis for a sustainable pattern of conduct based on life planning as opposed to attempting to react to the inconsistencies and contradictions of current financial circumstances.”

Legler Benbough Foundation, San Diego, CA