Student Spotlight: Marquis Snowden-Salmond

Excerpt from Student Spotlight: Marquis Snowden-Salmond

Because of a financial literacy class he took in 2008, Marquis had an understanding of how to raise money and a bit of experience doing it. While he was in elementary school, he got together with some friends to raise some of the money needed to install a climbing wall at the school by running a lemonade stand. They ended up raising about $1,100 and got their wall.

“I felt great. I felt really great. I felt like we did a great thing for our whole school,” he said.

The class that prepared him for his fundraising activities was the “ABCs of Wealth” at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation. It was a pilot class through Mind Treasures, which teaches financial literacy and character development to children, families and individuals.

“This is the ultimate goal of the program, which is to raise a wealthy, prosperous and philanthropic generation, and Marquis is exactly what we’re trying to do to everybody,” said Alex Mazloom, executive director and co-founder of Mind Treasures, who taught the pilot class.

With the sixth-grade camp project, Marquis figured he’d stick with the winning lemonade stand formula. He also started writing letters to different companies asking about interest in corporate sponsorships.The San Diego Union Tribune


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