Financial Literacy for Millennial – Gifts for Kids and Teens

Perfect gifts for kids and teens. ABCs of Wealth series address financial literacy for millennial. The curriculum is a complete set of instructions for children from the age of 5. Currently this curriculum is offered in 2 levels and includes interactive games to develop financial habits.

Gifts for Kids and Teens
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ABCs of Wealth Basic Level Gift Set:

Basic Level Financial Literacy workbook and treasure box is appropriate for all ages and globally adoptable in any local economy.Visit Our Curriculum for full details. This Workbook includes only activities. All instructions to conduct different lesson plans are included in the Facilitator Manual. The ABCs of Wealth curriculum can be implemented in any micro economy throughout the world. Generic lesson plans are independent of any local economy.Through this curriculum, attendees learn to build a solid foundation in saving, investing, sharing, and spending by developing key habits and muscles. This development is complemented by learning the goal setting, consultative decision making, borrowing, and budgeting processes. Furthermore attendees learn the value and concept of WEALTH and various elements of local financial services.

ABCs of Wealth Advanced Level Gift Set:

Advanced Level Financial Literacy workbook is appropriate for ages 16 and higher and globally adoptable in any local economy. Facilitators are responsible for providing supplemental content on local economic systems where the program is implemented. Such content includes local credit, borrowing, income, tax, investing, and retirement systems. Visit Our Curriculum for full details