Every initiative needs an incubator to grow and develop organically

Since 2008, through the generosity of local foundations, corporations, government agencies, and individuals in San Diego we have been able to offer continuous workshops at selected schools in the San Diego Unified School District (8th largest district in the USA). To ensure organic growth of the program and its sustainability we have focused our efforts in the Diamond Neighborhoods of the city of San Diego as defined by the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI) which consists of 10 inner-city communities that are home to about 100,000 residents.
Programs started as after-hour sessions and moved to daytime schedules in 2011. After trying the program for various age groups we’ve come to the conclusion that ages 8 & 9 are the best years to begin developing financial habits. All classes are conducted by certified MT facilitators and volunteers who are residents of the Diamond Neighborhoods and have a personal connection to realities of their community.

Program sites include: Porter, Webster, Chollas-Mead, Baker, Cesar Chavez, Horton, Edison, Carver, Encanto, O’Farrell, Johnson, Nye, Valencia Park, Vista Grande, Tierrasanta, Hearst, Dailard, and Oak Park Elementary Schools.

2017-18 Academic Year Programs

Classes are offered at Marshall, Perkins, O’Farrell, Vista Grande, Tierrasanta, Hearst, Webster, Johnson, Dailard, and Monarch in San Diego as well as Bancroft in Spring Valley. 1,030 Students, Grades 3-6, 39 Classrooms.

Expansion beyond initial outreah

2016 – 2017, This year program was expanded to Tierrasanta and San Carlos neighborhoods in San Diego. In these communities we noticed a higher level of involvement from the parents both in the classrooms as well as home environment. 930 Students, Grades 3-10, 37 Classrooms, 11 Schools.

Teachers show interest to conduct the program independently

2015 – 2016, This year many of the school teachers participated in the program in their classrooms while Mind Treasures’ staff conducted financial literacy workshops. For the first time we proposed the idea of teachers conducting the lesson plans on their own. We received positive responses from teachers and will be working on a gradual transition. Implementation of the new Common Core standards at many schools effected our ability to schedule programs. Some campuses decided to opt out of the program until Common Core is more established. 530 Students, Grades 3-5, 22 Classrooms, 5 Schools.

Teachers Favor Our Programs

2014 – 2015, This year all classes were conducted at elementary schools as part of daytime schedules. Majority of teachers remained in their classrooms while Mind Treasures’ staff conducted financial literacy workshops. 85% of teachers indicated their willingness to incorporate the ABCs of Wealth curriculum as part of their daily schedule. 860 Students, Grades 3-6, 31 Classrooms, 6 Schools.

Teachers Create a Space for Our Programs

2013 – 2014, For the first time several elementary schools agreed to create a space for the ABCs of Wealth curriculum as part of their daytime schedule. Some teachers remained in their classrooms while Mind Treasures’ staff conducted financial literacy workshops. Our goal is for elementary school staff to incorporate and conduct this curriculum on their own. 590 Students, Grades 2-5, 22 Classrooms, 4 Schools.

Repeat After-Hour Enrichment Programs

2012 – 2013, This year we returned to after-hour enrichment programs at elementary schools where students completed the ABCs of Wealth program 2 years ago. By visiting the same students every other year we are able to educate new students in grades 2 and 3 and provide refresher courses for grades 4 and 5. 700 Students, Grades 2-6, 27 Classrooms, 11 Schools.

School-Wide Program

2011 – 2012, For the first time Mind Treasures was invited to provide financial literacy courses as part of daytime school schedules. Teams of certified Mind Treasures’ facilitators, assistants, and volunteers visited 1 elementary and 1 high school (26 and 3 classrooms respectively) while regular teachers attended mandatory collaborative meetings outside of their classes. Occasional youth and adult programs continued at selected community centers and faith-based organizations . 830 individuals, Grades 2-5 & 11-12 & adults, 37 groups, 7 locations.

Neighborhood Financial Literacy

2010 – 2011, Mind Treasures launches the Neighborhood Financial Literacy program to focus its efforts in the Diamond Neighborhoods of San Diego. This program is organized in cooperation with Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (***JCNI***), Prime Time of SDUSD, and sponsored by the San Diego Neighborhood Funders (The Legler Benbough, The Parker, and Neighborhood Unity Foundations). Weekly classes are held in various neighborhood schools as well as community and faith-based centers in the area. 500 individuals, Grades 2-5 & 11-12 & adults, 37 groups, 7 locations.

Start of After-Hour Enrichment Programs

2009 – 2010, Mind Treasures is selected by JCNI to provide a one-hour program to 100 elementary students in grades K through 6. Following the success of this pilot program we began to offer regular after-hour workshops as part of Prime Time Extended Day Program of San Diego Unified School District. 280 Participants, Grades 2-6, 10 groups, 5 locations.